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Whether you are looking to do business, getting started or need assistance with the basics start here.

How to do Business with Lockheed Martin

If you are interested in doing business with Lockheed Martin and would like to market your firm, please read the recommended steps below.

For more details on these steps please visit this page.

  1. Do your homework to determine focus area(s) to target
  2. Submit your company information in the Supplier Marketing Portal
  3. Monitor and/or subscribe to the Immediate Needs Bulletin Board
  4. Meet influencers at Outreach Events
  5. *U.S. Small Business step* Technology, Research & Development (R&D) Focused Firms Only - subscribe to Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program directory
  6. Bring partnership opportunities to Lockheed Martin through Business Development

Please reference the frequently asked questions link about Doing Business with Lockheed Martin.

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What We Buy

Lockheed Martin has established corporate agreements to maximize leverage of full volume purchases. Employees are required to use corporate agreements except in very unusual circumstances.

Suppliers must be invited to bid on corporate agreements. Requests to participate may not result in an invitation to bid. A recommendation from a business area having experience working with a supplier is the best route to an invitation to participate in a competition leading to a corporate agreement. Click the button below for a listing of areas covered by agreements.

Seeking a Proposal Partner?

If you are looking to partner with Lockheed Martin on a specific proposal pursuit, contact our business development team with detailed information.

If you are a commercial or government organization with an inquiry about procuring Lockheed Martin products or services click the button below to send the business development team an email containing the name of your organization and a description of your request.

Please note, if you do not include your organization’s name and phone number we cannot respond.

Submit information through the Supplier Marketing Portal for your company to pursue all types of bid opportunities. 

Existing Suppliers

The Aerospace and Defense Global Trading Exchange


Lockheed Martin has partnered with Exostar to provide greater security and a simplified process for non-Lockheed Martin suppliers, partners and customers needing access to Lockheed Martin external-facing systems such as Lockeed Martin Procure to Pay (LMP2P) and OneAero.

Exostar helps conquer the complexity and mitigate the risk associated with sharing information with external partners. To gain access to these systems a company profile and specific user account(s) must first be established with Exostar using their Managed Access Gateway (MAG). MAG then handles authentication of established users and vendor profile management. Together, these services provide controlled access to the Lockheed Martin systems via a single sign-on process. Suppliers will access this portal to retrieve their purchase order documents, participate in bids/reverse auctions and other business activities. For more information you may contact your Lockheed Martin procurement representative or Exostar by clicking on this link: MyExostar

Current Lockheed Martin suppliers may click here for instructions to perform self-certification updates to their socio-economic profile status in Exostar.

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General Information

Prompt Payments

Lockheed Martin is committed to timely payments of their subcontracts. If you need additional assistance with the payment process, please contact the buyer for your purchase order, utilize the LM eInvoicing Application ticketing tool (preferred) or contact the LMP2P Helpdesk directly by emailing



Lockheed Martin is a proud supporter of the United States Small Business Administration's SupplierPay initiative. SupplierPay is a partnership with the private sector to strengthen small businesses by increasing their working capital, so they can grow their businesses and hire more workers. SupplierPay requires federal agencies to expedite payments to small business contractors with the goal of paying within 15 days. Since taking the pledge in 2014, Lockheed Martin has been committed to making payments 15 days after receipt of goods, services and invoice to small businesses.

As your company’s size status is registered in our Exostar system, you do not need to take any action to pursue accelerated payment. Please note, accelerated payments will not be provided to suppliers using our VIP system as those payment terms are negotiated based on value and benefit to our customers. In addition, making accelerated payments does not change the negotiated payment terms or any other terms of contracts between our companies.

The goals of the U.S. government and of Lockheed Martin are to support our country’s small businesses with the financial support needed to empower growth and strengthen financial stability. If you have a question concerning accelerated payments, please contact your Lockheed Martin procurement representative or contact us here.



Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT)

C-TPAT Supply Chain Security (International Suppliers and Supply Chain Service Providers Only)

Lockheed Martin is proud to be certified by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) as C-TPAT Tier III, which is the highest security status for importing companies. This significant recognition of our security program exemplifies our enterprise-wide commitment to maintaining and managing the highest security standards, procedures, and processes at all of our facilities, and displays our serious concern for security and well being of the United States.

Lockheed Martin recognizes that its international business partners and supply chain logistics providers a play an important role in our continued success. Lockheed Martin depends on the punctual delivery of parts from around the world and encourages suppliers/providers to integrate security into their processes from start to finish.

The C-TPAT training page is designed to enhance communication, boost information sharing, and guide best practices for improving supply chain security efficiency and effectiveness.  Please utilize all resources for future shipments to any of our Lockheed Martin facilities.

Keep your contact information current…
Due to the electronic flow of critical correspondence from LMC that relates to security and other issues it is very important to keep your contact information up-to-date. C-TPAT certified suppliers are required to provide Lockheed Martin Corporation with their Status Verification Interface (SVI) number. All documents and correspondence should be directed to your procurement representative.



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