DRAGON Family of Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance

ISR Configurations Customized to Meet Individual Customer Needs

Aircraft costs and changing mission requirements challenge the ability for a single platform to meet all intelligence needs. To help customers meet their ever evolving mission needs, Lockheed Martin introduced the Dragon series - six innovative, cost-efficient airborne and ground system configurations that address a wide range of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance requirements.

The Dragon configurations define Lockheed Martin’s comprehensive ISR expertise in a broad catalogue of single and multi-purpose integrated air and ground intelligence platforms. Cost and capability varies and depends on what the customer prefers. These six options are meant to be customized to meet specific ISR requirements that can support military, homeland defense, disaster relief and humanitarian assistance mission needs.

Lockheed Martin's Dragon configurations are:

Dragon Dome™ --  Dragon Dome™ offers an unprecedented capability that links ISR, air operations and missile defense systems at the battle management level, allowing users to work together in a shared environment to optimize defense operations.

Dragon Scout™ -- These configurations are suited for large business jet type platforms; outfit with a full range of ISR systems, Dragon Scout is ideal for customers with enduring requirements and large geographic areas of interest

Dragon Shield™ -- Dragon Shield™ offers a flexible roll-on/roll-off mission suite for customers who need a platform that can perform multiple missions, such as airlift and ISR. Dragon Shield systems can be either encased into trailer-like containers or configured onto pallets that can be rolled on and off cargo aircraft.

Dragon Star™ -- Lockheed Martin’s Airborne Multi-INT Lab (AML) falls within the Dragon Star category, which addresses requirements for mid range, multi-intelligence platforms such as the Gulfstream III, Havilland D-8 or Beech Craft B 350. Depending on the mission, these aircraft can be equipped with a variety of sensor combinations, multiple communications systems.

Dragon Stare™ -- The Dragon Stare configuration is focused on providing sensor systems, integrated into the aircraft or into a pod attachable to the exterior structure, for manned and unmanned aircraft. Sensor configurations are based on user needs, and as other systems are include net-centric capable for Joint and Coalition interoperability.

Dragon Den™ -- Dragon Den offers customers ISR ground processing stations that could range in size from a single desktop workstation to multiple workstations in transit cases to a shelter with associated communication suite

Net Dragon – For customers who need ISR - aircraft or ground stations - for only a short period of time, Lockheed Martin offers any Dragon option as a contracted service under the Net Dragon configurations. Net Dragon offers the ability to bring surveillance capabilities to any region immediately. Lockheed Martin also offers a transition from a service that is completely contractor owned and operated to a standard procurement when the customers are ready to assume operations.

The Dragon family evolved from years of program success, augmented with extensive technical trade studies and real-world experimentation using the AML. Like the AML, all Dragon configurations leverage the innovation of the AML’s open hardware and software architecture to introduce new capabilities – fast and cost effectively. All sensor, communications, and ground systems are tailored to meet a customer’s specific mission needs and available budget.  Most Dragon options have wide and narrow band communication suites as well as dedicated ground processing systems with multi-level security options.